Our current litters have all been purchased.  We are currently accepting reservations on our wait list by placing a deposit.  Kittens are chosen in order of the wait list. You have a choice to pick a kitten, pass for the next litter (if the color/gender you wanted is not available) or ask for your deposit back (minus any PayPal fees). *If you pass more than three times you may stay on our wait list but then the deposit is no longer refundable.  If you do not stay in contact with me and keep me apprised of your intent after 3 passes I will drop you from the waitlist. 

Current wait list:

  1. Hilary (8h pass)
  2. Adrienne Lerfald--9th pass
  3. Toni Miron - 7th pass
  4. nicole Gardner- (6th pass)
  5. Rebecca Lawrence​--(5th pass) boy
  6. Stephanie Erickson (5th pass
  7. Nicholas Kramer (Elena's red mackerel)
  8. Marsha Stutzman (2nd pass)
  9. Katelyn Perkins--1st pass (waiting for red)
  10. Megan Pawlowski--1st pass (boy)
  11. Scott Davis(text)--1st pass
  12. Jane David--1st pass
  13. Kristin Trangsrud--1st pass
  14. Jay Deaton (1st pass)
  15. Jay Deaton (1st pass)
  16. Courtney Meyering (Elena's bi-color boy)
  17. Beth Chappell (Gwen's flamepoint girl)
  18. Morgan Kenjarski
  19. Susan Shell (Elena's black and red girl)
  20. Patience Rose
  21. Bethanie Christensen
  22. Bethanie Christensen
  23. Michelle Joyce
  24. Marissa Corra
  25. Wanda Blanchard
  26. Helen Yeh
  27. Cinthya Martinez
  28. Alex Metropulos
  29. Susan Kelly
  30. Lisa DellaVecchia
  31. Jeff Miller
  32. Jennifer Wolfe
  33. Tara Shell
  34. Lisa Ajala
  35. Jennifer Colon
  36. Jared Devon
  37. Austin Saupe
  38. Jared Devon
  39. Susan Montanez
  40. Suzi Duckett
  41. Stephanie Adams
  42. Stephanie Adams
  43. Katy Lipkus
  44. Kalisa King
  45. Nicole Flores
  46. Kathy Marks
  47. Heather Kelly
  48. Elizabeth Yarbrough
  49. Sonja Hayes
  50. Sonja Hayes
  51. Isabel Vang
  52. Ren Minicucci
  53. Melisa Holman