Our current litters have all been purchased.  We are currently accepting reservations on our wait list by placing a deposit.  Kittens are chosen in order of the wait list. You have a choice to pick a kitten, pass for the next litter (if the color/gender you wanted is not available) or ask for your deposit back (minus any PayPal fees). *If you pass more than three times you may stay on our wait list but then the deposit is no longer refundable.  Our mothers usually have between 4-5 kittens per litter.

Current wait list:

  1. Shelby - pass indefinitely??
  2. Kelly R--pass for girl (9th pass)
  3. Olga--pass (4th pass)
  4. Kristina--Gwen's flamepoint boy
  5. Kate--Gwen's red boy
  6. Jax (5th pass)
  7. Jamie  B--Gwen's seal lynx female
  8. Hilary (2nd pass)
  9. Paige
  10. David -1st pass
  11. David--1st pass
  12. Azzat-- 2nd pass
  13. Layne--1st pass
  14. Shaina--1st pass
  15. William Iwan--1st pass for girl
  16. Doug Kennison/Nyree
  17. Jill Bauman
  18. Kelly
  19. Kelly
  20. Ashtan
  21. Jaime Steadman
  22. Annette
  23. Rose Anne Torn
  24. Logan Lor
  25. Jennifer Toman
  26. Norman Gaspar
  27. Gayle Parmalee
  28. Keri
  29. Keri
  30. Sarah W
  31. Marsha Stut
  32. Katherine Braceras
  33. Zarnab Rahim/Mohammad Ghani
  34. Mindy Powell
  35. Nancy Malmquist
  36. Stacy Koussevitzky
  37. Caitlin Ashley
  38. Angela Stinson
  39. Ann Blum
  40. Laura Rexach
  41. Kelsey Swan
  42. Roxsand Ramos/Jason
  43. Adrienne Lerfald
  44. Frances Perry
  45. Kara Svehla
  46. Jeremy Fields
  47. Annette Maisler