Our contract  is simple. We want you to be completely happy with your kittens.  Deposits are fully refundable (minus any paypal fees).  If you pass more than three times, your deposit will no longer become refundable. It is your responsibility to stay in communication regarding your kitten wishes. We encourage you to visit us and spend time with the kittens before you take them home if possible, especially if there are allergy concerns. This is a long term commitment and one that should not be taken lightly.  We offer a 1 year health guarantee on our kittens.   

About Little siberians llc

I'm ready to put down a deposit!

Our process  If you would like a kitten you should put down a deposit of $300.  This will put your name on the waiting list in the order that it is received.  When a litter is born we give first choice to the first person on the waiting list and so on.  You can pick from that litter or wait for another litter.  I will keep you up to date via our Facebook page with pictures and videos of your kitten.  At 8 weeks, you pay the balance for the kitten and take it home 2 weeks later. *AFTER 3 PASSES, THE DEPOSIT IS NO LONGER REFUNDABLE. 


Kittens are $2000. The balance of the kitten minus the deposit is due when you pick your kitten up at 10 weeks of age.

A business formed out of love for the breed

I originally learned about Siberian cats in 2011 when I decided that our family needed a cat after the loss of the family dog.  The only problem was that my husband was allergic to cats.  I spent hours and hours on the internet and found out about these amazing "dog like" cats from Russia.  We were living in Virginia at the time and there was no one breeding Siberian cats anywhere close to us.  We purchased our male from half way across the country and instantly fell in LOVE with the breed.  We decided these cats were too terrific to be so hard to come by especially for people that have allergies and are limited in their cat options.  We purchased a female from Colorado and began breeding.  Little Siberians was born.  

Our kittens grow up among our children and are well socialized.  The kittens learn how to play from the children and the children learn about nurturing something other than their own desires.


"We are so happy with our Fluffy.  He has such a wonderful personality and makes us smile every day. He has been very patient and calm with our son, George, who has Autism.  George is allergic to cats, but adores them.  Fluffy is his therapy kitty.  When George is getting a breathing treatment, Fluffy sits close to him and watches the whole time.  He's very curious about everything, quite a character!  Now that he's here we don't know what we would do without him. Thank You, Little Siberians!" 

                           Karen King Bell